Project 3 Research on Jack In the Box

Jack in the box is similar to Taco bell because it caters to the general public 24 hours a day. Why does fast-food brands such as Jack in the box extend their hours of service past fierce competitors like Wendy’s? This question to some could be self-explanatory like gaining a profit. Whose says if brands extend their serving hours that they could generate a profit?

I believe these brands like Jack in the box are after specific customers business. Generally families and their children are sound a sleep during these hours. So, who would be awake and willing to eat an unhealthy late night meal? According to John C. Ogg, is it possible that Jack in the Box’s target audience for these extended hour are late night party goers? “Even the wording of the munchies, curfew, late night lovers, when things get twisted, and more all are buzzwords that sure seem targeted toward those out partying.” These buzzwords are all plugged in Jack in the Box’s brand.

Through my analysis I found that Jack in the Box has always catered to the late night crowd. Jack in the Box has taken full advantage of their loyalty to this generation of party goers by joining the conversation on social media. Twitter is very influential in Jack in the Box relevance to their audience.  For example,”thx ! was awesome last night.. hope people got munchie mealz” was a tweet from loyal customer and follower of jack in the box known as

Jack in the Box’s instant response match the tone in which their audience communicates so, I believe that this 18 to early 20’s demographic has took advantage of Jack in the Box’s extended hours. What do you think?

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Project 3 -November Research

Wendy’s fast food has many competitors that vie for their customer’s attention. Burger King is well established competitor in the fast food market. Besides, the accommodating coupons used to draw customers to their brand, Burger King has officially marked their target audience on-line. According to my research , Burger King’s commitment to premium ingredients, signature recipes, and family friendly dining experiences is what has defined our brand for more than 50 successful years.

After discovering the general audience  families then I questioned specifically what kind of families. Burger King has recently assimilated into the younger demographic. They have revised their brands image not to just appeal to families but pop culture.

Under Chidsey, BK’s 12th CEO in 20 years, Burger King no longer tries to be everything to everyone. In his first extensive interview since being named CEO 10 months ago, Chidsey — who calls himself Chief Whopper Flipper — says Burger King is laser-focused on its key customer: the “superfan.” That’s BK’s term for mostly 18 to 35-year-old males who gobble fast food at the devil-may-care clip of nine to 16 times a month. While they’re just 18% of Burger King’s customers, they account for about half of all visits to the stores. 

Although, Burger King is ranked the second most successful fast food brand, it still has had a significant amount of fluctuation as far as pinning a target audience. In  comparison, Wendy’s have shown a clear focus reaching a particular audience yet their competitors are still more successful. What do you all thinks about these two brands overall?


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8th day in Office: part 2

One form of monitoring technology that was not thoroughly addressed in our lecture was Statigram. Statigram is used to monitor updates and post on Instagram. Instagram is a sharing technology that allows users to post pictures and short clips on their profile pages. Instagram is a valuable social media for brands, organizations, and people. Statigram allows those brands to track positive and negative traffic in reference to their profile. Twitter has a monitoring technology similar to Statigram by the name of Tweetdeck.

This form of social media allows brands and individuals to analyze material relative to their cause. If I wanted to keep track of tweets that referenced me in any way then, Tweetdeck would be the prime source to utilize. This would allow me to view Twitter users who commonly tweet on me as their subject. However, brands would use this tweet deck in a relatively different manner. Brands can track target words such as the brand and its merchandise. Brands can collect tweets of their competition to analyze. In their analysis, they may use the listening principle to compare and contrast the competitors customers in relation to their customers.

Overall, brands give an accurate estimation of customer satisfaction with their brand or product. Tweetdeck is like surveying customers without their consent. Social media popularity among various demographics gives the brands an unbiased depiction seen from the customers eyes in analyzing technologies like Tweetdeck.

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8th day in office: Four Square

Four Square is a data collecting technology that allows individuals, businesses, companies, and organizations to monitor attendance. The attendance symbolizes the popularity of an event, facility, or brand. The consumers are counted according to whomever is monitoring. This form of technology is like an open voting poll. For instance,  our country is founded upon democracy. In democracies citizens have the right to vote by popular demand their political leader. During this process votes are tallied nationwide and results are displayed on traditional m the media. The majority votes usually wins out the minority vote.  The popularity of the political leaders are determined by the people.

Four Square is a social media  that helps monitor and determine the popularity of a brand, event, or organization. Traits of popularity are decided by whether brands express interesting, relevant, unique, and useable material to the masses. This type of analyzing technology is offered in app form. The app allows one to check in when reaching a location. The app encourages users to leave tips about their experiences at the location. Four Square provides points  for users checking in  to locations.The more users check in, the more special deals are offered  to them.

However, I am not a current user of Four Square. I was unaware of the social media app until recently. It has proven to be  a useful tool to many brands as well as consumers. I personally question safety of Four Square. What if I check in to a location on Four Square then, a random crazy persons  shows up to harm me. Is there ways to keep my where about private? This question has prevented my collaboration with this social media.

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7th Day in Office:Sharing on instagram

Sharing online through social media is a popular trend in today society. Instagram is a relatively new created social media that has effected the teenage to young-adult demographic. Instagram  uses the concept of sharing in different ways from YouTube. Instead of sharing videos Instagram shares photos and small clips. These clips and photos are not organized but, shown as lists on the user’s page. 

However, the photos and clips often shared on Instagram typically have an unprofessional but relative approach. In other words, the information, content, or material displayed on the account should have a real life quality or element. This approach works well for some companies, enterprises, and brands because it gives them a more personable image. Companies like Starbucks portrays their image as a small-town coffee shop. This gives an illusion to how large their enterprise is, thus motivating their target audience’s loyalty to support their neighborhood coffee shop(Starbucks).

  To run a successful Instagram account requires constant activity. The endurance principle is extremely important on this form of social media. If you lack current images or clips then, you lack followers from your target audience. Your audience is seeking for exclusive, relative, interesting, unique, and usable content. There should be a constant showing of images that support the theme of every brand. The companies with the most followers typically have current image postings. For instance, Nike has over 2 million follower because their post as October 14, 2013. There are currently 616 postings on the account. The theme of Nike’s images are action inspired. The photo’s show off superstar athletes using the brand. The brand looks trustworthy because followers can see it in action.


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7th Day in office: YouTube

Social media is leading our current generations to be able to access information all around the world. Social media is not just a facilitator of conversation but, massive sharing forum. These forums are displays of conversations, photos, opinions, and videos. The popularity of these forums have been used by  vast amount of brands, companies, and non-profit organizations. YouTube is one the social media commonly used to by brands such as
Grey Goose Vodka, Kia Soul, and Red-Cross. However their purpose behind using YouTube is justifiable because of the significant number of their target audience are interactive on this form a media.

YouTube is accessible to the world at large and anyone can create a channel.  YouTube can be used for personal and professional reason. YouTuber’s can create channels of their favorite videos, favorite music videos, or create their own videos to display. This new trend for sharing videos through channels has created overnight sensations. There was an unknown comedian who started a personal channel. The channel is entitle Spoken Reasons. Spoken reasons contains hilarious material and spoofs of popular ideas, events, and people.  The comedian has now broken into the world of Hollywood from the popularity of his channel. Companies have acknowledge personal channels like Spoken Reasons and have model their channels after the interesting, unique, relevant, and usable content.  Companies often legitimize their channels by cropping a gray check next to the title of their channels.

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Day 6 in office part 2: Discussing

Have you ever been in a heated discussion? The passions of all parties involved fly back and forward between the ones interacting. There is an overwhelming amount of information presented at the same time. Discussion are typically two-dimensional. There is commentary and response to the commentary. Discussion are founded upon shared interest of all parties. What is interesting enough to keep people in engaged in the discussion? Why would I discuss my personal interest with someone else? On a personal level it may be to gain friends in hopes that their interest are similar.

Professionally it could be that you have a situation that needs to be solved. The common or shared interest would be arriving at a solution to fix the problem. This generation is now discussing issues in online forums. These forums are discussion of valid information pertaining to the subject matter which may render solutions.  For instance, Double Tree started a YouTube channel where people can post tips, photos, and videos of their personal experience.  This is known as DTour  and it provided answers to potential customers problems. 

This DTour interactive platform allowed customer to discuss their good or bad experiences the comments and replies through videos or photos. I believe that discussion was helpful to the audience that found the information interesting, unique, usable, and relative. What do you all think?

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