Second Day In Office/ Listening

In order to build favor with your target audience you must be capable of listening. Why is there such an emphasis on listening? The answer is, listening gives you an opportunity to understand your audience before engaging them. This skill assists you in creating effective strategies to address the need of your audience. Learning  to improve your listening skills will save you time and money. Poor listening skills will end in detrimental results. For instance, Motrin campaigned an offensive advertisement on baby wearing. This advertisement’s negative portrayal of baby wearing outraged consumers around the world. This advertisement damaged Motrin’s reputation causing a major financial plummet in their profit for the new campaign. Ultimately Motrin wasted time creating an ineffective campaign and lost millions. If companies, brands, and enterprises would learn the importance of listening the benefits would be undeniable. Many unfavorable consequences are as result of the inability to listen. When engaging with others in social or traditional media listening minimizes the space for misunderstandings. There are times when I interact with peers and I neglect to listen to them. The lines of communication generally break down and the recovery time is forever. My peers usually responds by walking away, repeating themselves, or scolding me. Whenever I do listen conversations become intimate within context.


About vin4mayor

I am MarVin! I come from an extremely large family where we solved disagreements through voting by popular demand. I wish the world was like my family but that would be too much like perfect. I am communication major with a passion for human rights and betterment for less fortunate. I hope to be an International Journalist who focuses on lifestyle comparisons for example,the rich vs. poor. I hope you all read it in the future.
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