Third Day in office : Integration Principle

Integration is an idea often associated with the civil rights movement. Integration in relation to civil rights is an idea used to combat segregation and isolation of different races. Integration in connection to social media is simply the use of multiple social media to publicize or advertise ones cause or purpose. Many companies, brands, and television network uses this principle to get maximum results from their target audience. Integration not only reciprocates  a brand’s cause but, increase the amount of consumers exposed to their brand.

For instance, the MTV network handprint in social media is evident in my own social media experience. During the VMA’s(Video Music Awards) I was interacting on Facebook and Twitter when, postings of Miley Cyrus’s performance created a frenzy amongst the current viewers of the VMA’s. I was coerced by everyone’s thoughts of her performing  and immediately ran to the television. When I turned on the television and saw the end of her performance I understood the big commotion the fans made on social media. If it were not for MTV viewers integrating the current development of Miley’s performance I would have missed an unforgettable event. This story shows the power of integration in social media. I’m sure  other viewers may have  never tuned in to the VMA’s if the integration principle was not implemented in social media. The effectiveness of the integration principle  was displayed through the reaching of a large audience in a short time frame by linking other social media.


About vin4mayor

I am MarVin! I come from an extremely large family where we solved disagreements through voting by popular demand. I wish the world was like my family but that would be too much like perfect. I am communication major with a passion for human rights and betterment for less fortunate. I hope to be an International Journalist who focuses on lifestyle comparisons for example,the rich vs. poor. I hope you all read it in the future.
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