Fourth Day in Office: Be Honesty!

Basically honesty is what you owe those participating in the conversation. Honesty carries a weight that cannot be changed or altered because it is considered fact in some circumstances. Its ironic how much our society pushes the concept of truth when so many fail to tell the truth. Honesty is the core of any relationship and cannot be taken for granted. In fact, in our judicial system it is against the law to lie under oath in the court-house. If there at any time appears to be lies uttered from those being questioned it is the lawyer’s job to prosecute the liars in way to expose their deceitfulness. Once proven to be guilt of lying under oath you are sentenced to jail time. If honesty is important to those in the judicial system then it should be just as important to those active in social media.

Companies, brands, and even celebrities see the power in honesty. When celebrities use social media the only way for them to connect with their fans is to listen, provide the honest answers  for their fans, and stay actively  engaged in the conversation to remain relevant. There was on music superstar that lied to the media and falsely proclaimed she was married. The lie was fine as long as the world thought it was the truth but she was exposed as a liar and suffered a loss of trust from the world. It is extremely difficult to fix a terrible image. Overall one will not be able to survive as a successful brand if there is a seed of distrust planted in the target audience concerning the brand.


About vin4mayor

I am MarVin! I come from an extremely large family where we solved disagreements through voting by popular demand. I wish the world was like my family but that would be too much like perfect. I am communication major with a passion for human rights and betterment for less fortunate. I hope to be an International Journalist who focuses on lifestyle comparisons for example,the rich vs. poor. I hope you all read it in the future.
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