8th day in Office: part 2

One form of monitoring technology that was not thoroughly addressed in our lecture was Statigram. Statigram is used to monitor updates and post on Instagram. Instagram is a sharing technology that allows users to post pictures and short clips on their profile pages. Instagram is a valuable social media for brands, organizations, and people. Statigram allows those brands to track positive and negative traffic in reference to their profile. Twitter has a monitoring technology similar to Statigram by the name of Tweetdeck.

This form of social media allows brands and individuals to analyze material relative to their cause. If I wanted to keep track of tweets that referenced me in any way then, Tweetdeck would be the prime source to utilize. This would allow me to view Twitter users who commonly tweet on me as their subject. However, brands would use this tweet deck in a relatively different manner. Brands can track target words such as the brand and its merchandise. Brands can collect tweets of their competition to analyze. In their analysis, they may use the listening principle to compare and contrast the competitors customers in relation to their customers.

Overall, brands give an accurate estimation of customer satisfaction with their brand or product. Tweetdeck is like surveying customers without their consent. Social media popularity among various demographics gives the brands an unbiased depiction seen from the customers eyes in analyzing technologies like Tweetdeck.


About vin4mayor

I am MarVin! I come from an extremely large family where we solved disagreements through voting by popular demand. I wish the world was like my family but that would be too much like perfect. I am communication major with a passion for human rights and betterment for less fortunate. I hope to be an International Journalist who focuses on lifestyle comparisons for example,the rich vs. poor. I hope you all read it in the future.
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