Project 3 Research on Jack In the Box

Jack in the box is similar to Taco bell because it caters to the general public 24 hours a day. Why does fast-food brands such as Jack in the box extend their hours of service past fierce competitors like Wendy’s? This question to some could be self-explanatory like gaining a profit. Whose says if brands extend their serving hours that they could generate a profit?

I believe these brands like Jack in the box are after specific customers business. Generally families and their children are sound a sleep during these hours. So, who would be awake and willing to eat an unhealthy late night meal? According to John C. Ogg, is it possible that Jack in the Box’s target audience for these extended hour are late night party goers? “Even the wording of the munchies, curfew, late night lovers, when things get twisted, and more all are buzzwords that sure seem targeted toward those out partying.” These buzzwords are all plugged in Jack in the Box’s brand.

Through my analysis I found that Jack in the Box has always catered to the late night crowd. Jack in the Box has taken full advantage of their loyalty to this generation of party goers by joining the conversation on social media. Twitter is very influential in Jack in the Box relevance to their audience.  For example,”thx ! was awesome last night.. hope people got munchie mealz” was a tweet from loyal customer and follower of jack in the box known as

Jack in the Box’s instant response match the tone in which their audience communicates so, I believe that this 18 to early 20’s demographic has took advantage of Jack in the Box’s extended hours. What do you think?


About vin4mayor

I am MarVin! I come from an extremely large family where we solved disagreements through voting by popular demand. I wish the world was like my family but that would be too much like perfect. I am communication major with a passion for human rights and betterment for less fortunate. I hope to be an International Journalist who focuses on lifestyle comparisons for example,the rich vs. poor. I hope you all read it in the future.
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