6th Day in Office: Networking

Networking has developed our society in many ways. In order understand how this concept has developed our society we must define the term. Networking is a relationship between friends, family, colleagues and others. Many relationship build from a place of common ground that can progress into a place of benefit for any party involved. It is an important part of organization because without people networking there would be no organization.  However I have seen this concept of networking evolve onto social media forums. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube have all rendered some successful results as it relates to benefits of networking.

For instance, famous hip-hop rapper Soulja Boy gained popularity through MySpace and YouTube. He began to post some of his music on YouTube and before the end of the year he had more than one million views. Through social media Soulja Boy was able to display his material to an audience and eventually was offered a record deal. This display of material built a network of fans sharing his music until he began to benefit. Networking is all apart of building brands on a larger scale. If it were not for networking would our favorite brands exist? Brands raises there awareness in many ways but, one of the most effective ways is networking.

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Fourth Day in Office: Be Honesty!

Basically honesty is what you owe those participating in the conversation. Honesty carries a weight that cannot be changed or altered because it is considered fact in some circumstances. Its ironic how much our society pushes the concept of truth when so many fail to tell the truth. Honesty is the core of any relationship and cannot be taken for granted. In fact, in our judicial system it is against the law to lie under oath in the court-house. If there at any time appears to be lies uttered from those being questioned it is the lawyer’s job to prosecute the liars in way to expose their deceitfulness. Once proven to be guilt of lying under oath you are sentenced to jail time. If honesty is important to those in the judicial system then it should be just as important to those active in social media.

Companies, brands, and even celebrities see the power in honesty. When celebrities use social media the only way for them to connect with their fans is to listen, provide the honest answers  for their fans, and stay actively  engaged in the conversation to remain relevant. There was on music superstar that lied to the media and falsely proclaimed she was married. The lie was fine as long as the world thought it was the truth but she was exposed as a liar and suffered a loss of trust from the world. It is extremely difficult to fix a terrible image. Overall one will not be able to survive as a successful brand if there is a seed of distrust planted in the target audience concerning the brand.

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Fourth Day in Office.

The tone principle is not what you say, but how you say it. In general, tone is within certain limits, where a conversational tone is better received by social media audiences than formal business marketing jargon. There are three approaches to tone that should be applied in certain interactions. these approaches are formal, casual, and authentic. When addressing specific audiences through social media it is important to know which approach is appropriate. If the right approach is not used the message intended for the audience may be too vague or too casual. Therefore tone is simply knowledge of the way your audience communicate to address them appropriately.

How do you gain awareness of your audiences conversational tone? The listening principle must be applied before implementing the tone principle. The listening principle is a form of research that can be used to gain the necessary information  to effectively serve your audience. Not only should your content be useful, but you must present content to audience in an authentic manner. Sincerity is all apart of effectively conversing with your audience. Personally I prefer using products I can relate too. The product not only has to be useful to me but needs the proper presentation to peak my interest in the product. If the product lacks authenticity then I will not give the product the time of day. I hate feeling of the use car salesman pitch. Some people will not give a great product a chance if they feel like their being sold rather than engaged.

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Third Day in Office: Content Principle

Content is important to social media in many ways. Content validates consumers need or desire for the product, service, or trend. Social media requires content to be relevant, interesting, unique, and useful to the audience. If one lacks useful content then, one will not benefit from social media. It is important to understand what your audience finds useful. This requires research to provide content that is profitable for the audience. Many of these principles are interdependent for example, apart of research is the listening principle which is a major factor in good content. If you do not listen to what your audience prefers then your audience may find the material useless. In a recent class lecture we discussed four elements of good content which are relevant, interesting, unique, and useful material. These are some basic definition of each element to help you gain a better understanding.

  1. Relevant content is available and usable to the audience.
  2. Interesting content is enjoyable or enticing, aligned with what the  audience cares about.
  3. Unique content is not  widely available elsewhere on the social web.
  4. Useful content is tools or skills gained from the content and used to benefit the audience.

Furthermore, it is useless to have one element and neglect the other three. For instance, relevant content would be useless if the audience couldn’t gain an understanding of the content.  When an article is full of errors it discredits the information and makes it worthless. It is important to make sure all bases are covered including spelling and grammar. Now you are ready to develop good content.

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Third Day in office : Integration Principle

Integration is an idea often associated with the civil rights movement. Integration in relation to civil rights is an idea used to combat segregation and isolation of different races. Integration in connection to social media is simply the use of multiple social media to publicize or advertise ones cause or purpose. Many companies, brands, and television network uses this principle to get maximum results from their target audience. Integration not only reciprocates  a brand’s cause but, increase the amount of consumers exposed to their brand.

For instance, the MTV network handprint in social media is evident in my own social media experience. During the VMA’s(Video Music Awards) I was interacting on Facebook and Twitter when, postings of Miley Cyrus’s performance created a frenzy amongst the current viewers of the VMA’s. I was coerced by everyone’s thoughts of her performing  and immediately ran to the television. When I turned on the television and saw the end of her performance I understood the big commotion the fans made on social media. If it were not for MTV viewers integrating the current development of Miley’s performance I would have missed an unforgettable event. This story shows the power of integration in social media. I’m sure  other viewers may have  never tuned in to the VMA’s if the integration principle was not implemented in social media. The effectiveness of the integration principle  was displayed through the reaching of a large audience in a short time frame by linking other social media.

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Seconday in Office Listening Part 2

Driving is an important part of getting you to your next destination, but driving on the wrong side of the road will often end in collision. Knowing the best way to reach your final destination is a vital necessity for all drivers. Establishing a direction for your movements is called setting objectives. Moreover, setting objectives provides a clear direction to success without any collisions. In social media people usually drive into disaster because they lack purpose. Companies on social media are recognizing the significance of having a purpose for their interaction with consumers. Purpose keeps all members of the company aligned with organizational goals. These goals are accomplish through five objectives. The five objectives companies use are listening, talking, energizing, supporting, and embracing. These objectives should satisfy consumers needs and increase profits within the companies applying them. One of the most beneficial objectives used is energizing. This includes having an influential hand in consumers passion for your service. Some companies use incentives to fuel their costumers passion for their product. For instance, some franchises provide credit cards which allow customers to earn points for discounts on the product. This weekend I was energized by the exclusive discount I received by using my Express credit card. Express sends emails every month detailing their new apparel and discounts on the clothing. These exclusive previews are part of the Franchise’s plan to succeed over the competition. These objectives are a major part of reaching your destinations so, set them.

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Second Day In Office/ Listening

In order to build favor with your target audience you must be capable of listening. Why is there such an emphasis on listening? The answer is, listening gives you an opportunity to understand your audience before engaging them. This skill assists you in creating effective strategies to address the need of your audience. Learning  to improve your listening skills will save you time and money. Poor listening skills will end in detrimental results. For instance, Motrin campaigned an offensive advertisement on baby wearing. This advertisement’s negative portrayal of baby wearing outraged consumers around the world. This advertisement damaged Motrin’s reputation causing a major financial plummet in their profit for the new campaign. Ultimately Motrin wasted time creating an ineffective campaign and lost millions. If companies, brands, and enterprises would learn the importance of listening the benefits would be undeniable. Many unfavorable consequences are as result of the inability to listen. When engaging with others in social or traditional media listening minimizes the space for misunderstandings. There are times when I interact with peers and I neglect to listen to them. The lines of communication generally break down and the recovery time is forever. My peers usually responds by walking away, repeating themselves, or scolding me. Whenever I do listen conversations become intimate within context.

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